Service Research Conference

We are living in a time of transition: the digitization and modernization of our services. In order to understand our collective challenges, it is imperative to gather evidence of opportunity and knowledge on how best to forge a sensible pathway forward to improve services for Canadians. Currently, there are no established external forums where service research… Continue reading Service Research Conference


TUCMUN 2012 – Position Paper for the European Union

Delegation from The Republic of Italy Position Paper for the European Union Economic recession is a global reality; Europe is not the only one suffering. The European Union once again discusses resolutions to the further development of financial safeguards against future crises, as well as protecting the EU’s global prestige. As a founding member, the… Continue reading TUCMUN 2012 – Position Paper for the European Union

The Ethnic Mosaic

Canada is globally known as an ethnic mosaic. According to Statistics Canada (2011), one out of five people in the country are born abroad. The influences of heterogeneity are significant to Canadian identity because the nation is shaped by relationships of diverse ethnicities and overcoming struggles for social cohesion. I believe that multiculturalism is integral… Continue reading The Ethnic Mosaic

Cultural Challenge during Co-op: Generational Gaps in the Workplace

As a first generation immigrant, cultural challenges are an embedded normality of my life. It is a substantial part of my identity as I continuously try to find a balance between my upbringing, education, and societal exposure. I realize that cultural challenges will continue to render important life experiences, especially in the context of career… Continue reading Cultural Challenge during Co-op: Generational Gaps in the Workplace