Service Research Conference

We are living in a time of transition: the digitization and modernization of our services. In order to understand our collective challenges, it is imperative to gather evidence of opportunity and knowledge on how best to forge a sensible pathway forward to improve services for Canadians.

Currently, there are no established external forums where service research is discussed. The Department of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) organized the first service research conference in Gatineau, Quebec. Over 200 service delivery innovators from across Canada were in attendance.

The conference was an exciting initiative for the ESDC, and it showcased service research generated at ESDC, a number of other federal departments, the private sector and academia. The conference was a springboard to form research partnerships to strengthen the evidence-base in the service sector and help create a community of practice around service research.

The conference addressed the themes of:

  1. Behavioural economics to improve service take up and delivery;
  2. Knowing our clients to better serve them;
  3. Using predictive analytics to reduce fraudulent behaviours, improve or reward performance and anticipate anticipate client’s needs; and
  4. Best practices in service delivery.



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