Adieu, Ottawa / Gatineau!

My four months in the capital region was a colorful stay. I saw and felt the transition of 3 seasons: summer, fall and winter. I experienced the culture and warmth of people in this city. I will miss the quaint buildings, hearing French and my ensuing attempts at practicing French, and, of course, the friends… Continue reading Adieu, Ottawa / Gatineau!


Night adventures in the Capital

Found this next to the Mill Street Brewery on Laurier. Very cool use of lighting effects to make a space  (underpass bike trail) feel safe and welcoming that would have otherwise been considered dangerous at night. Well done, City of Ottawa!

DIY Screen Printing

I visited a cute furniture store called "Maker House" for a screen printing workshop last night with a friend. The host summarized the history of screen printing as an art that originated from feudal Japan which transformed into a highly common industrial practice that extends between solely art. It was a nice flashback to grade school and high… Continue reading DIY Screen Printing

YMAGIN Lunch and Learn: Print Design / Layouting

This past Monday, I had the great pleasure of presenting an introductory Lunch and Learn on Print Design/Layouting hosted by YMAGIN (Youth MAndate for Greater INvolvement), the federal government networking group for new public servants, at the Strategic Service and Policy Branch. The Lunch and Learn received broad attendance by public servants of various lengths of… Continue reading YMAGIN Lunch and Learn: Print Design / Layouting

Writing on Glass

I felt like John Nash today. I discovered Expo's neon dry-erase pens, which come in blue, yellow, green, pink, orange and yellow, and used them to brainstorm and draw a sign on my office's glass wall panels. I can now get hired by banks for holiday window drawings! There's something about writing on glass panels that's exciting,… Continue reading Writing on Glass